Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Needy animals...

I can't have one decent conversation with my child without one of the dogs or the cat thinking I'm talking to one of them. "Serenity now!" -George from Seinfeld. He knows what I'm talking about.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The home stretch

Oh lord. 10 weeks left. 10. TEN! This is gonna go by quick isn't it?

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Friday, December 9, 2011


Last night when we were going to bed, we were able to feel his little hiccups! I've heard then before on the Doppler, but they were never strong enough to feel. They definitely were last night! Aaron even felt them.

Go baby go! Expand those lungs!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Almost 29 weeks

I know, I've been slacking hardcore. But it's only because I've been so busy.

I'll do my best at filling you all in...

Let's see, well, last week I spent the day in the hospital. Had a kidney infection. THOSE suck. Got it all taken care of and I'm all better now. Did not like the drip they had to put in my arm :( But I did enjoy the pain meds they put in. Makes me think more lightly towards epidurals.

He has a name. He's had a name for quite sometime now, but I just never made an official announcement because really, I don't want anyone's opinion nor do I care what you think. Now that you are aware of that, I will tell you...

His name is Jack Bastion. Jack was a nickname given to Aaron when he was little by his Grandpa. His grandpa unfortunately died when Aaron was on his first deployment back in '08. He was really close with his Grandpa, and he never got to say goodbye. So this is our little tribute. Plus, Jack is SUCH a cool name. I'm obsessed with it.

Bastion is his middle name. Bastion comes from Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. It is, in fact, the location where Aaron flat lined after he got shot, and was brought back to life. So this particular military location is pretty special to Aaron and I. He got a second chance at life there, and what better way to pay tribute to that then to name the little baby that came out of such a life changing experience? It's been a long LONG road since then, and the baby deserves an epic name because his life and the fact that he is on his way is epic. So that's what he's getting.

Almost 29 weeks now. Things are becoming more difficult to do. Bending down- forget it. Aaron got me one of those old lady grabbers. It's amazing! Makes picking up our bedroom so much easier. (maybe I'll clean it more....mmm...probably not). Rolling over in bed is a labor in itself. Sleeping is sooo uncomfortable these days. And it really doesn't help that I have to get up 3 to 5 times a night to pee. Daytime is worse...I pee ALL THE TIME. I've learned where all the restrooms are at the places I frequent. I waddle now and my feet are gone. Bye feet! Since I can't really reach my feet anymore, that gives me a legitimate excuse to get more pedicures right? I think yes.

Enough about me...

Well Jack has been doing some MAJOR kicking as he gets bigger. I talk to him a lot and tell him how much his dad and I love him. I also have him listen to Britney Spears and some various other artists. But he seems to like it when I sing him Britney. I introduced him to the Wicked soundtrack in the car the other day. He really enjoyed that. He will be enjoying the live version later this month when his dad and I go see Wicked! It will be my 3rd time going and Aaron's first. I'M. SO. EXCITED. Anyway, Jack is funny. If I lean forward for too long, like when I'm on the computer, he kicks or punches (not sure) the bottom of my belly to get me to sit back so he has more room. So smart already. He sometimes responds to Aaron's voice. Though, who doesn't? It's pretty loud ;) The baby just pretty much moves all day long with short sleep cycles here and there. It's pretty amazing that I can already tell what my nights are going to be like.

The dogs still seem to have NO idea. They're in for a real shocker. Tiger, our cat, seems to know something. He's been a lot more cuddly lately. I think he'll be the best with the baby. I can already see them laying in the crib together.

I cannot believe that I have 11 weeks left. It's so surreal. The holiday's are gonna go by so fast. Then all the sudden it will be February. jfkdsau8fe9w90(^&*Ijou936%&*03. uh oh.

3D ultrasound tomorrow! I promise I wont take as long to post up the photos and video from that.

Latest ultrasound photos

soooo the good thing about having an extra cautious doctor is that I get a ton of ultrasounds. I'm now 28 weeks and 5 days, and I will probably have about 3 more. Yay!

 Anyway, this ultrasound was done three weeks ago at 25 weeks and 5 days. Our guy weighed 2.3 pounds! Even my doctor was surprised haha. He's gonna be a big boy! So now, he's probably closer to 3 lbs., if not, over 3 lbs. yikes!

DEFINITELY still a boy! Look at that thing!

His little face from the side. The nose isn't quite accurate though. We've seen his nose in 3D and it looks like Aaron's- quite large. 

We have our BIG 3D ultrasound tomorrow at three. We'll have video and a ton of 3D photos to share. I'm just excited to see him again! 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Trying to stay off the sauce...

Hot sauce...that is. Heartburn like nobody's business. Sometimes, though, I will suffer because, hey, a quesadilla just isn't the same without Cholula. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

My belly is moving.

wow lots of "firsts" this week! Sittin' here watching I Love Lucy. Just finished the kitchen, floors and lunch.
I started to feel a bunch of kicks. And I looked down to see if I could see anything. I DID! the whole right side of my belly moved up and down! He's getting so big. Definitely moved above my belly button now.

Kinda makes all the pain worth it :)

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